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I'm not ignoring you, I'm just REALLY REALLY busy today.  THANK YOU for comments and offers of assistance, I will try to respond later today when I have a chance to sit at the computer for longer than three minutes.  (As it is, I have much to think about, so time away from the computer is probably a good thing.)

Fic: Hunter & Holmes (3/7)

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Title: Hunter and Holmes (3/7)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Characters/Relationships: Mummy Holmes/Daddy Holmes
Rating: R
Warnings: Omegaverse

Summary: The story of how Sherlock’s parents met and fell in love is a fairy tale with an imperfect ending.  A prequel of sorts to the Heart ‘Verse – though as it’s a prequel, it very much stands alone.

Read Chapter Three on AO3

Start from the beginning on AO3.

(Look!  I remembered it's Wednesday!)

Jul. 19th, 2014

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You'd think I was living on a farm or somethingCollapse )

In other news, Andrew jumped off the diving board last night.  As I was at Bunko, I missed the whole thing, but according to Bill, he spent half an hour walking to the end of the board before chickening out and walking back to dry land.  (The life guards refused to let Bill stay in the deep end to help ease his anxiety about jumping into an expanse of water.  I'm sure they had reason, but honestly.  One of them actually admitted to Bill that they don't get a lot of entertainment at the pool, and Andrew's dithering was very amusing indeed - so basically they were enjoying watching my son's distress.  Nice, lifeguards.  Real smooth there.)

Anyway, the entire pool got into the act, and started cheering Andrew on, and then he asked for his water wings (which he's been refusing to wear, since figuring out a sort of doggie paddle) and with those, he jumped right in.  And then again, and again, and again, and he just kept going - Bill thinks he did it about ten times in the span of twenty minutes.  (And then Nicholas, who is about a year younger and Andrew's best friend in the entire world this week, had to do it too, much to the amazement of his dad.)

And when everyone left the pool, they all gave Andrew high-fives.  It was the highlight of the night, I think.  Sadly, no pics.  Maybe next time.

(As a side note, I won the baby Bunko prize last night.  This is notable only in that I have never actually won it before, and was beginning to think I'd get a real baby before I got the Bunko baby, and if this turns out to be a portent to the adoption agency calling, I am going to laugh so hard.  Which is pretty much the only reason I mention it here.)

Jul. 17th, 2014

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Fictional word count today: 0.

(But I did process a bunch of tomatoes and made some garlic bread and put things in my new deep freeze.)

On the lighter side of things, Bill has agreed to give True Blood a try.  He's either going to enjoy it or he's going to hate it, but either way, I anticipate some truly awesome mocking.  We should have the first disc early next week.

Jul. 16th, 2014

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Somehow, I forgot today was Wednesday.  I don't know how I forgot today was Wednesday, because I was aware of Wednesday-ish things happening - Andrew's water day at preschool, followed by his OT this afternoon - and yet I still never clued in to today being Wednesday, and the upshot is that I finally uploaded the prologue and first chapter to the Heart 'Verse prequel about an hour ago.

It's not like anyone's going to read it, of course - it might as well be original fiction, for all that the Sherlock characters appear in it.  Mycroft for about two minutes at the end, and Sherlock for half a page, and everyone else is essentially original.  (Well...I suppose we've seen Sherlock's parents in the show now, but I envisioned this story long before S3 aired, when we had no idea that was going to happen, and I'd already written Aurora Holmes, if not Sherrinford, so I'm not feeling particularly beholden to canon at this point.  Not in the Heart 'Verse, anyway.)

Anyway, story's up, and so continues my effort to cause the Sherlock fandom as much heartache and emotional pain as humanly possible.  Theoretically the last chapter and epilogue will go up the week of Gridlock, and as long as those three people who read the story don't also attend, I might make it out alive.  :)

(This might sound like a bid for readers: it's not, really.  Mostly, I just like the story and therefore I like talking about it, and Omegaverse is too weird to have anywhere but fanfic so it's not like it'll go anywhere else.  Besides, it's such a classic love story that it borders on unoriginal, but I had fun writing it anyway.)

In writerly news:Collapse )

Edited to add: I just booked the hotel for Gridlock - it looks like the convention block is sold out, but today's the last day to get the $85/night rate for Friday night, so I went ahead and grabbed it.  Non-refundable, though, which is a bit worrying, but Bill's theory is that spending $200 is an excellent way to ensure the adoption agency calls us with a baby before then.

(Well, he does have a point.  I bought a really nice dress at Nordstroms about a month before we got Andrew, and it took me about three years before I had an opportunity to wear it!)

Anyway, I purposely got the room with the double beds (instead of the king-size bed) because I figure if someone needs a place to crash and they do not seem terribly sketchy I can offer them the second bed.  Also, I'm not sure what I would do with myself, all alone in a king-size bed.  (Other than pretend fictional characters are occupying the other side?)

Fic: Hunter & Holmes (1+2/7)

Sherlock Blue Profiles
Title: Hunter and Holmes (1+2/7)
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Characters/Relationships: Mummy Holmes/Daddy Holmes
Rating: R
Warnings: Omegaverse

Summary: The story of how Sherlock’s parents met and fell in love is a fairy tale with an imperfect ending.  A prequel of sorts to the Heart ‘Verse – though as it’s a prequel, it very much stands alone.

Read the Prologue and Chapter One on AO3.

Jul. 15th, 2014

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The cupcake decorating class this morning was a non-event - the instructor didn't show, so I went home with 15 unfrosted cupcakes and a promise from the store manager that she'd contact me with a rescheduled time as soon as the instructor checked it.  (Haven't heard yet; figure I'll give them until Thursday and then I'll try to touch base again.)

But on the plus side, it gave Bill and me time to do something we've been planning on doing for ages: we went out to Home Depot and bought a deep freeze for the garage, because the teeny tiny little top-of-the-fridge freezer is packed to the gills and can't fit so much as an ice cube now.  It's an upright because I greatly dislike chest freezers and it's shorter than I am - 8.8 cubic feet - but it should be enough space that we can manage.  We'll plug it in tomorrow - we had to lay it on its side to get it in the RAV4 and apparently you have to wait a while to let the freon settle back down before starting it up.  (Says Home Depot, anyway.)  Tomorrow morning, we shall make a little ceremony of plugging it in, and hopefully we'll be able to start filling it up on Thursday.

This afternoon I had an idea for a short story - original story, not fanfic, which is a first in several years.  I was sort of itching to get out of the house and it was storming intermittently and Bill needed new shorts anyway so off I went to do some shopping, and I guess that's exactly what my brain was waiting for because the minute I was in the car and going down the road, the idea popped, nearly fully formed, into my head, and it just kept running until I got to the store.  And then when I had found Bill's shorts and was heading home, it picked up right where it'd left off and kept going.

So now I have to write like the wind and hope it manages to survive the transition from ephemeral thought to black letters on a white background.

Terrible, horrible, inappropriate joke under the cut. Which I realize is sort of advertisement, but you can't say you weren't warned.Collapse )


cat in a box
I have been having a fairly productive couple of hours; I tried making home-made croutons for Bill with the homemade bread I baked on Saturday, and only burned a couple of them (which should come as no surprise to anyone; I frequently burn toast), and I made cupcakes for tomorrow, because I'm taking a cupcake decorating class at the local Michael's and we have to provide half a dozen unfrosted cupcakes.  (I now have 15.  I might bring them all in, because they've all got to be frosted anyway.)

If I really wanted to be productive, I'd go out to the garden and try to weed around the tomato plant, which has started giving me some reddish fruit, but still has far more green tomatoes than any other color.  And apart from the initial three porn-sized zucchini, the zucchini plant hasn't given me much of anything.

(But oh, those banana pepper pickles.  Yum.  And the plant is starting to produce again, too.)

I've switched from stitching on the unending baby announcements, and have started work again on the little Sherlock Holmes characters.  I'm trying to mass-produce them - stitching two at a time, instead of just one, and that seems to be going well.  I've got two John Watsons, two Sherlock Holmeses, two Mycrofts (who are unfinished because I'm having trouble choosing a hair color I like), one door to 221B, and I'm working on two Greg Lestrades now.  I've also sketched out a Mrs Hudson and Mary Morstan, and I've got Molly Hooper waiting in the wings.  I think that's probably enough - it'd be fun to do Sally and Moriarty and Magnussson, but I think I'm already biting off more than I can chew.

Speaking of which, have been reading all the Dashcon wankage online, and I think I'm done reading now.  My general impression is that the organizers were young and inexperienced and were in far, far over their heads, and mostly I just feel badly for them.  (Because, as I read somewhere - I think on emmagrant's journal - you can't make good decisions when you're stressed and sleep-deprived.)

I'm not worried about what this means for Gridlock, though.  Different organizers, with different goals.  Dashcon claimed to have attendees in the thousands; Gridlock says it'll be around 150.  Dashcon was going to be all things to all fandoms; Gridlock is Sherlock Holmes, end of story.  I see more and more people saying they're going, and some of them are even people I've chatted with online (and one is someone I've met in person) so I'm starting to look forward to the fun.

(Also, I have bribed/persuaded two people to apply for panel presentations.  Part of this was me agreeing to apply for a panel presentation - the AU/Crossover one, for which I suppose I have some authority), but even if I'm not picked to be on the panel, I'm looking forward to sitting in the audience.  I might heckle whoever's leading it, especially if it's the person I bribed with brownies to apply.  Unless she throws something at me.  She probably will.  I should practice ducking.)

(It occurs that I do not own anything Sherlocky to wear.  Well...actually...I have a red coat.  If I can find a pink scarf, I bet I could pull off Mary.  I did bribe someone with brownies, so I kind of have to deliver, and Mary does like to bake, according to Sherlock's deductions.  My hair's not the right color, though.  Then, it'd be super hot for DC in August, so maybe not.)

(Can I just wear my new Ravenclaw shirt?  It's been so long since I've attended a convention, I can't remember the rules anymore.)


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